Pria Ché

Pria Ché is a female singer-songwriter best known for her punchy pop tunes and all inclusive lyricism. Ché has a packed year ahead for 2020 with her brand new single ‘Painted Girl’ set for release in the spring, along with a string of fresh new tracks which will make up her debut EP set for release in autumn.

Ché is the much needed breath of fresh air in the pop world that everyone needed, with uncontrived messages, energy boosting melodies and catchy pop rhythms that will get you up on the dance floor and help you take on the world. The singer/songwriter has managed to create a space for herself that will always be needed, by spreading the ideas of positivity and confidence to all.

Pria takes her own spin on world views and creates art from her surroundings. Having been singing since the age of 5 and playing guitar since 11, Ché has never shied away from her integral musical roots and plans to take on the pop world armed with all of her innate creativity and originality she possesses.

With Pria’s own unique style and spirit now in the spotlight, we’re sure to be gaining a new star in the making…