Ginger Gilmour

Conversations with Ginger Gilmour

Floyd Faith and Family

Ginger Gilmour has always been an artist.

From her formative days in Ann Arbor, Michigan right through to the present she’s followed a creative spirit and it’s served her well.

She has received commissions from War Child, British Red Cross, British Olympic Team and exhibited across the globe. Availability in her art classes at are in high demand and she continues to learn and teach, embracing the flow and the future.

In one October evening in 1971, brushes and plaster were placed on hiatus. A UK touring band came to town and their lead guitarist was to become her husband. By 1975 Ginger was Mrs David Gilmour.

“Conversations with Ginger Gilmour – Floyd Faith and Family” is a free to view hour long online pictorial interview on Thu 20 August at 8pm UK time embracing all that is Ginger; her life, loves, passions, her book, humanitarian support and how the world and its’ inhabitants shape one another.

Ginger explains “It’s a joy to be able to share my story. Love and beauty is everywhere and those are the elements that unite us. I’m an advocate for positive energy and I hope that you’ll join me so we can travel this journey together”.

Her chosen charity partner, to whom donations are encouraged is The Care Workers’ Charity. ‘We are delighted that the brilliant Ginger Gilmour is supporting the almost 2 million strong care workforce with her ground-breaking and informative series of interviews. The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on support and care workers who are caring for and protecting the most vulnerable members of our society. The Care Workers’ Charity is working to ensure no care workers faces hardship and we want to thank Ginger for supporting us in our mission’. Karolina Gerlich, Executive Director.