LINNÉA is a brand new upcoming pop/electronic artist hailing from Sweden. Linnea draws her influences from iconic pop powerhouses Adele and Carrie Underwood and strives to be not only relatable but also exciting and original in her style as a pop singer.

The young solo artist describes her sound as “eclectic pop”, and combines both creative production and powerful yet emotional vocals with her integral pop/electronic sound. Linnea consistently emphasises the importance of her music telling a story, and always being true to her unique self in her sound and lyrics, stating, “you can’t be scared to tell people the truth”. This genuine openness and honesty creates emotive and poignant pieces of contemporary music which is accessible to all.

Linnea found her love for singing at just 10 years old, and has continued to hone her craft ever since, having now become a practiced and accomplished recording and performing artist. Linnea’s journey so far has seen her recording four singles last year at New Monkey Studios LA, with producer Greg Cortez (Dionne Warwick, Billy Rae Cyrus). These singles earned her the accolade of being named one of the best upcoming artists by LA’s very own Buzz Music Magazine. She then went on to work with UK based Fear Records by the end of 2019. This move lead to her to work with highly well esteemed producer Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith, Tyler James) who she is currently producing exciting new tracks with.

2020 is shaping up to be an eventful year for the young starlet, who is set to release her brand new single ‘Romantic’ this February 14th, which will then be followed by further releases throughout the year!
Insta: @musicbylinnnea