Jonas Wilson

Jonas Wilson is a well established & highly regarded TX based, multi instrumentalist/producer /studio owner/record label owner and film score composer.

Jonas received much attention in the mid 1990s as a teenage blues guitar prodigy & was featured as one of the top upcoming Texas blues guitarists in 1995 on the cover of Vintage Guitar Magazine. He was touring internationally at the age of 15 performing opening tour dates for the likes of Jonny Lang and other young blues artists, as well as established, older blues artists such as Buddy Guy and James Cotton at the legendary Austin blues club ‘Antones’. By the age of 17 he was becoming increasingly influenced by Pop and Experimental sounds & began to depart from his youthful Texas blues roots in search of pure musical expression, and by early 2010’s, began shifting his work towards the use of analogue tape machines as a primary instrument and tool for stage productions.

He has now been a performer/producer/songwriter and musician in Austin TX  for over 23 years and has been involved with many bands & artists, some of which include: The Midnight stroll, Night Glitter, Chief White LightningMy jerusalem, Lomita, The White White Lights, Goudie, Alpha Rev, Elijah Ford and The Bloom, What Made Milwaukee FamousBp fallon and many more, with upcoming new material currently in works with Alex Mass of The Black Angels.

Jonas has some exciting new solo work in the pipeline and is set to release his first solo debut album “Science Fiction Post Blues”, due out this winter. The record is a homecoming of sorts, which sees Wilson pay homage to his blues, jazz & country roots blended with an eclectic mix of influences from avant-pop and post punk.

“Wow! A pained John Lennon of now. GREAT sound. Powerful & magnetic, dark shadows clouding & crowding the skies. Take a bow Jonas Wilson. Now I’m going to listen again.” – BP Fallon

“Focusing on his love of piano and harmonica, though spun through his own droning lens. It’s like this slow moving train wreck before you, yet you find yourself captivated, staring as it erupts into a beautiful ball of fire… If you’re into chilled out dark pop, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for Science Fiction Post Blues. – Nathan Lankford “Austin Town Hall”

After a successful & vibrant, flourishing music career so far, Jonas’s branch out to experimental, fresh & revitalising solo work is much anticipated & a must-listen. With upcoming, artistic single “Be Like The Water” set to be Wilson’s next release this fall, the track is an “electronic/soul/indie piece” that will act as an insight into Wilson’s brilliant level of solo musicianship, and will pave the way for his upcoming album release this winter. If you’re into music that can encapsulate, take you away & and open your creative mind, this is not one to be missed!