Dewey Ivy

Dewey Ivy is an upcoming alternative indie/rock solo artist hailing from Austin, TX. Dewey incorporates a distinct layered sound, mixing part heavy/part jangly ‘noise pop’ with garage guitar tape machine rock.

Taking inspiration from 90’s greats such as The Jesus & Mary Chain, Sonic Youth & Nirvana, Dewey’s artistry and intrinsically shoegaze/no-wave essence shines through sonically to create a well-rounded and genre solid vibe which gives a respectful nod to his esteemed influences.

Having begun his musical journey in successful Texas indie/rock band ‘Residual Kid’, who achieved great success touring across the US, Canada & Europe, Dewey has had plenty of quality time to hone his innate song-writing talent, along with his live prestige & presence.

Producing his previous non-solo work with renowned Grammy-nominated producer Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith (Toadies, Lost Bayou Ramblers), and recording at Beastie Boys studio  ‘Oscilliscope’, Dewey already has a range of high level musical experience, also including working & recording with The Killers’ drummer Ronnie Venucci.

Now signed to boutique cassette record label ‘Mr Pink Records’, Dewey’s solo career is set to take off with a bang, with his upcoming full-length album ‘Water Tower’ set for release this fall (10/02). The brand-new album will be Dewey’s first release since his departure from Residual Kid & will showcase his raw solo talent in full & will not be a musical journey to overlook!