Deals is an innovative project, led by Austin music scene cornerstone Michael Anthony Gibson. Gibson is well respected & renowned for his extensive touring with successful rock ‘n’ roll band ‘Not In The Face’, and is now flourishing in his expressive solo/collaborative work. 

With the band story all beginning with one simple text from their then-drummer: “Can’t play with y’all anymore, sorry”, Deals was born from a determination to carry on regardless. The record now features a revolving line-up, which has created a non-replicable dynamic, radiating heaps of original flair, and making every single track unique. 

An upcoming unforeseen EP, that almost never was, from a band who seemed to be over before they’d started, has now become an impossible dream realised. With the prestigious mix of talented session musicians & friends on the record, there really was no way to plan this now inimitable record, which has become a highlight of artistic expression of Gibson’s solo work.

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