Conrad Ashton

An ever-evolving, no-frills singer-songwriter, Conrad Ashton creates modern rock music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. Ashton keeps a steady focus on eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relatable, that also go hand in hand with his vibrant melodies and layers of sound; these not only highlight his current rock influences, but also give a respectful nod to the decades and artists of the past.

“Absolutely fantastic musician”- Nick Ahad, BBC Radio Leeds

“A modern evolution of what music used to stand for”- Marc Bartle

“Since its release has been compared to early albums from The Who, The Jam and The Rolling Stones” – Chronicle Live

“Spirited and gritty vocals atop vehement and tenaciously executed guitar hooks make Conrad Ashton stand out from the crowd.” Fiction Is Not Imagination

Ashton’s early writing drew much influence from his inner anxiety and depression. Not only did his music work as a self-help mechanism, he also witnessed many peers connecting with the music and messages he was conveying on a personal level. This dual impact made him delve deeper into song writing as a solo artist and resulted in Ashton himself growing and branching out as an artist. Fast forward to present day, this British working-class singer songwriter continues to grow as a writer, performer and as a person.

For fans of: The Who, The Jam